Happy Puppy Families


Sunny Girl

It has been a pleasure purchasing my pup, Sunny, from Shady Creek Labradoodles.  Nicole was a great communicator throughout the process. I have to say I was lucky enough to get the exact pup that was perfect for me.  I highly recommend Shady Creek Labradoodles.  I am constantly asked about my dog Sunny because she is the cutest thing ever.  She is strong and healthy, has a great temperament and a sweet personality.  

Thank you Nicole for doing such a great job with Cali (mama), Tasha and all the pups to make them strong, healthy and ready for new homes.  I am so thankful for my pup Sunny.  

Christina B.


The Fabulous Fergi

Shady Creek Labradoodles is THE BEST! Nicole (and Cali and Tasha) has been great throughout the entire process of purchasing our newest family member; Fergie. Once we became curious about the breed, Nicole was wonderful at answering all questions we had. Then when we made the decision to purchase a Labradoodle, Nicole updated us weekly until we could pick her up! She prepared us for puppyhood, and gave us some great resources for Fergie. We’ve of course had questions since then, and she still is happy to help! 

And as far as Cali and Tasha...what amazing mom dogs! If you’re looking for a puppy with a great temperament, always look to the mom!

All of the pups had ample time in the sunshine, fresh air, playing with their mom and auntie and Fergie came to us perfectly ready for our family life. 

Fergie is one amazing puppy who is easy to train, listens well to commands, wants to be with the family 24/7. We could not be happier with our entire experience! Best one yet! 

Heather M.


Little Miss Maggie

Shady Creek Labradoodles was the perfect first experience with dog-ownership! Nicole was very patient with answering all of our questions and concerns. She did a great job at matching our family with a sweet, calm puppy. We would highly recommend Shady Creek labradoodles to anyone wanting a wonderful great-natured labradoodle!




Zona (and Fergi)

Shady Creek Labradoodles has been awesome since our very first conversation regarding adding our newest family member. Not only have they provided us with a healthy, well-tempered dog, but they have also given us great support along the way. Nicole has been very patient and prompt in answering every question or concern we have had. Our little Zona girl has stolen our hearts and we can’t thank Shady Creek enough. We would give them 5 Stars all the way! 

Ryan and Tymarie C.

Happy Families

Harley Lavender

"Thanks for choosing such a sweet girl for our family!  She's doing great and has been a wonderful addition!  We love her!"  -Brittney


"Our puppy, Coco, has  changed our lives for the better!  She is so fun and full of life.  Working with Shady Creek was awesome.  Nicole was so patient and answered all of our first-time-puppy-owner questions.  We are so glad we brought Coco into our family and look forward to many years of fun together."  -Jenn


"Brandi, my Shady Creek puppy, is a welcomed addition to my family.  Nicole and SCL start these sweet pups off perfectly in a loving home environment, which allows the puppies to adjust to their forever homes so easily.  Brandi was sleeping through the night and was practically potty trained by the time she came to my home.  She is exceptionally smart, playful, quick to learn and has the sweetest temperament.  Brandi has beautiful features and a soft wavy chocolate coat, which does not shed.  

Thank you to Nicole and her family for nurturing the puppies so well!"  -Shelli


We couldn’t be more thankful for Shady Creek for giving us our perfect definition of a fur companion for our family.

From the moment we first spoke, Nicole’s genuine personality and true love for her dogs and the breed shined and it didn’t stop there. 

Everything about the process by far exceeded our expectations from weekly updates to all the fine details. What we experienced was personable and family oriented. I can’t say enough about what Nicole has created with Shady Creek, it is truly unique and hard to come by.

It sounds cliche to say but Moose is truly everything we had expressed we were looking for and more. He’s the sweetest, well natured, couch potato with a little spunk, and has been a breeze to train. We are absolutely in love with our little dood!! -Kristen